Ukiyo-e for modern people.

I hope that the people of today can freely use the old Japanese culture and spread the greatness of Japan!
I hope that people all over the world will be able to use Japanese ukiyo-e in various ways.

​In order to make it easier to reuse works of art that are no longer copyrighted in the current era, we use Bezier curves to draw vector data in Illustrator.
*By making it into vector data, you can use it without worrying about the ratio.
We also distribute collages and specially processed works that combine illustrations.

*Saving in Illustrator 10 version
*I'm adjusting the details, the colors, for digital data.
*Sample image storage format is (RGB)
*Understanding the public domain

[Use Case]

You can use it for personal or commercial use regardless of media, such as YouTube, Books, Chirashi, Panflet, Web TV, Package, E-Book, Video, Software, Presentations, Business Cards, Goods, T-shirts, etc.

However, please use the illustration as part of the design, not as content.
The illustrations cannot be distributed or sold in magazines or websites for the purpose of material distribution.
We are not responsible for any trouble caused by using the material.
You cannot use the works posted on other sites for free.

All policies are subject to change without notice. We appreciate your understanding in advance.


●Even though it is in the public domain, the moral rights of author have not expired, so please use it within common sense.
●In order to protect the moral rights of authors, use for the following purposes is prohibited.
●Use for purposes contrary to public order and morals
●Utilization that tarnishes the image of Ukiyoe artists of the original pictures (sexual, discriminatory, violent, etc.)
●Use related to antisocial forces or illegal activities
●There is no limit on the number of items that can be used.
●There is no additional charge depending on the number of copies or the period of use.
●No credit statement or usage report is required for all usage.
●Redistribution and sale of data materials are prohibited.
●Use of materials that cannot be used by others such as trademark registration is prohibited.
●We prohibit the sale of LINE Creators Stamps with only minor or unmodified lines.

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